Use Podcasting To Grow Your Business and Influence. 

We in the health, wellness, and fitness space change lives every single day.  

But maybe you've always imagined using your talents and your voice to make a much bigger impact in the world. 

Or maybe you realize that, while you love your job, you're tired of "trading time for money" and that you could create multiple streams of income by taking part or all of your business online.

Or maybe you're burnt out, worrying if that next client will cancel and whether you have the capacity to absorb the next unanticipated financial hit..

I've been there as well...

There is a solution...

Podcasting is a rapidly growing platform that allows you to build trust and authority with potential clients (and those in front of clients) while helping you create a balanced (and financially rewarding) lifestyle that supports you and your loved ones.

In a recent survey of 168,500 podcast listeners by Midroll Media, 88% of respondants said that they listen to most or all of the podcasts they subscribe to and 61% said they purchase a product or service they heard about on a podcast ad.  

In other words, podcast listeners are responsive, loyal, engaged, and have the financial means to invest in products and services they believe in.   

But it can be scary to start a podcast.  What if no one listens? Can I handle the technology? How do I turn podcast listeners into buyers?

The truth is that these voices of doubt stop many excellent  future podcasters.  We all have a message to share and a people to serve.

This fundamental belief is what led me to create the Healthcasters, the first community for mind/body health, wellness, and fitness podcasters.

Your membership includes a self paced, A-Z course that will guide you to finding a profitable podcasting topic to interviewing sough after experts.  

The result is that you become an authority in your area of expertise, significantly expand your professional/referrall network, and create multiple steams of income.

Plus, you get access to a community of supportive colleauges  who will help you find your voice and encourage you every step of the way. 


What Other Healthcasters Are Saying.

My biggest fears about podcasting were the logistics and the technical aspect of it. The Healthcasters course has provided me with very specific tutorials, equipment guide, swipe files for 
guest contact and so much more.  Melvin is a FABULOUS teacher! 

He has answered every question, provided  feedback, set up a mock recording with me  (Oh my, was that ever helpful!) and put me in touch with people that are specific to my needs such as a web developer. 

Also, he has given access to feedback from  other Podcasters that review and provide help ful direction along the way.  Melvin is a great guy to have on your team!  

At this point, I have recorded 5 podcast 
 interviews and am in the process of editing.  

My next step is to set up my podcast  webpage and launch!! 
Healthcasters has made podcasting  an option me."  

~Jackie Flynn, MPA, Ed.S, LMHC, RPT

"I really didn't know where to begin.  It was suggested to me to start a podcast, but I didn't know if that was something I could do or if anyone would listen. 

The community and especially the course has changed all of that and given me the  confidence and inspiration to move forward.  It's great to have somewhere to go to ask  questions and to join with others  on the same journey. 

I feel less alone in my fears, and it really helps to normalize them. 

The course lets me know exactly what steps  to take.  It's awesome!  I'm still in the beginning phases, but the course/community definitely has kept me going.  I know that without it, I would just keep putting this goal/ dream off."

~Beth Franchini, LPC  

"I think my biggest concern about beginning podcasting was just the technological aspect. It seemed overwhelming just to start.   The second part was creating content that was informative as well as entertaining.   

The Healthcasters helped by creating a concrete structure and a step by step process by which to deal with all the technological issues of starting a podcast.  The Healthcasters FB community is a great resource in which to ask questions and get constructive feedback when needed.

As a result of the Healthcasters, we’ve been able to launch the Addicted Mind podcast. This is something that we had been trying to accomplish for over a year, but once we got the Healthcasters, we had the structure to complete it and launch the podcast."

~Duane Osterlind, LMFT 

One of the Healthcasters Put Together A Video To Show How Podcasting Has Helped Them.